Resin Premium Thermal Transfer Ribbon


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  • Ribbon material type: 100% Resin-based (Premium Quality with Certs Proven)
  • Dimension: 300m L x 8cm W
  • Core Inner Diameter: 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Scratch Resistance, Stand High Temperature, Corrosion resistant, insulation, durable using
  • Waterproof, Excellent High-Quality Performance
  • High Blackness, High Sensitivity, Fine Definition, Wide Range of Label Stock
Ideal for Use:
  • With all synthetic materials and some top coated labels and tags
  • In environments with harsh to extreme exposure to chemicals
  • When applications require strong resistance against ultra-high temperatures and harsh outdoor environments

* This item can be used with a desktop thermal printer that uses one (1) inch core inside out ribbon.


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